July 31st, 2015- From Portland to the MTC

Well, I’m here! On the flight from Portland to BWI I got to fly over Peaks Island and see everything from up above.Surprisingly I didn’t see anyone I knew at BWI which shocked me a bit, but if you’ve ever tried to play spot the Mormon it’s super easy in the airport (then again they all were flying to Utah). The flight was delayed because something on the gate was broken so I got to SLC around 11:00 MST. Also, lifehack: If you don’t want anyone to sit next to you on a plane ride, sit in the aisle seat and pull up the armrest, then shift your body about 6 inches into the middle seat. I sat in the window seat but since this guy took up half of the middle seat nobody was in the middle.
Kathleen took awesome care of me and I got to go to Deseret Books for the first time and grabbed a big and small Preach My Gospel. Anyways, when I got to the  MTC after taking a few pictures with Kathleen’s family I immediately got my name tag and went to class. Registration at the MTC is so much faster and reasonable than the camp registration process.
So, my companion is Elder Henderson and he’s from South Weber Utah (near Ogden). Everyone is from Utah, it’s insane! I’m the only one out of 10  in my class group (district) that is East of Montana. Also, these keyboards are pretty awful to type on. Here, it’s class for the entire day except for an hour of gym time and 40 minutes for each meal. The MTC schedule is so precise that would think that you would have a lot of extra time, but there is absolutely no down time at all. Regardless, classes are awesome and it’s not only just learning about how to teach and understand scriptures but also how to communicate well with others.
I’ve seen so many people that I know from my freshman ward. Like half of our freshman ultimate frisbee team is in the MTC right now! Yesterday during gym time I got to play 3 on 3 basketball (kids, learn how to make free throws) and I couldn’t miss a shot. I was straight up ballin’. It was super fun!
The rooms where we stay are pretty small and have 3 bunk beds. Mom, there’s two Elders going to Pocatello, Idaho so I find that pretty funny. In our room, we have 2 other Elders going to Farmington. Elder Dilworth (western Montana) and Elder Midgley (North of Salt Lake). They’re pretty awesome and have Elder Henderson and I spend a lot of time having fun with them.
Overall, It’s been a solid last 2 days and I can’t wait to get out on the Rez. All of us going there are super excited. Sorry I can’t upload pictures these computers aren’t capable of much. Love all of you!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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