August 17th, 2015- White Mesa, Utah

Alright, So we woke up at 2:30 and caught the 8:00 flight from SLC to Phoenix. In total, 34 missionaries came to the mission. We loaded up each flight. So, for dinner we had green Chili Pepper pizza which is a trademark to the four corners area. It was pretty good, but I have to get used to eating spicy food. Haha. Anyways, the next day, after sleeping over at a members home we got assigned to our trainer/companions as well as our area. White Mesa, UT with Elder Hudson. It’s in the Ute territory, but a part of our area includes Navajo territory. It’s been a super fun and interesting week. The drive from Farmington to the Mesa was gorgeous. The first thing we did when we got to the RV was go see a recent convert family, theMustashes (they’re Navajo). They are the nicest family ever. Sis.Mustash made some fried bread with some beef and of course some green chili peppers.

The RV is actually super nice! Although it’s small, it’s practically impossible to misplace anything cause there’s not many places to lose things.
So, we walk a lot out on the Mesa and have to drive a good bit to go to the Navajo land.They’re are dogs EVERYWHERE. All the barking loud ones are chained while the nice cuddly ones get to roam free. Just in case though, Elder Hudson provided me with some pepper spray in case anything bad happens. It’s also super funny because everyone owns like 5 vehicles (mostly trucks), but they don’t work. There’s a bunch of abandoned homes that look to be inhabited since they have a vehicle in the driveway, but nobody lives there. definitely check out the “You know you’re in the New Mexico, Farmington mission when” paper. It’s so true. Haha. I’m telling you, by the end of my stay in White Mesa, I’m going to super jacked in my legs and be super tan.
Church was awesome. Since a lot of people leave after sacrament meeting, there is only two hours of church (no Sunday school). The Branch Presidency are all super nice and care for the entire branch.
We see a lot of the same people everyday since there are only 59 households on the Mesa. Everyone has been baptized but are almost all less active. It’s definitely a re-activation mission. Also, the coolest thing from this past week was understanding more that the Book of Mormon is so real. The people in this area fully understand that the Book of Mormon is about their ancestors. We are literally teaching remnants of the lamanites! It’s awesome! Anyways, I’m loving it here and the work is hard, but it’s so worth it.
Fam, Love you all. If you have any cd’s you don’t want, send them our way because we could use them. Classical music or whatever. Gotta Run!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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