August 31st, 2015- One Month on the Mission

It’s already been a month! This past week we had Elder Golden from the Quorum of the 70 talk to us in Farmington. So, we woke up before the sun rose and drove 2.5 hours to Farmington. We had meetings pretty much all day, but it was super helpful to the mission. Elder Golden and President Adams really stressed the importance of finding people to teach and understanding that you can’t teach people if you can’t find anybody. For us, we’re starting to go the the Navajo reservation more often because most everyone in White Mesa has taken lessons from the missionaries for years. One does not simply move to or from White Mesa either. Although they’re all less-active, we try to limit seeing each of them to once a week. On the way back from Farmington, there was a huge lightening storm. It wasn’t all the bad to drive in but it was absolutely gorgeous. You can also see Shiprock from forever way.

This past Monday, we were up in Blanding for p-day and the Bluff and Montezuma Creek Elders combined with the Blanding Elders to have a decent sized kickball game. It was super fun!
We got too see the Mustashes again this week (they’e the best). Also, we saw Joe and his Family again and got to share with them the importance of the Book of Mormon and how the Book of Mormon has completely changed Joe’s outlook on life. He really wants the best for his family and so Joe pretty much joins us in teaching. It’s super awesome!
Oh, I’m picking up more and more Navajo every day. I know how to say Older Lady (shama) and Tree (teec) as well as greetings. Some don’t speak Navajo fluently, but some only speak Navajo. Ute is a totally different language which I don’t think I’ll learn as much.
I’m doing really well, and hopefully Elder Hudson and I can find some new people to teach. Love you all! Thanks for the letters and mail! They’re super beneficial!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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