September 7th, 2015- Grateful to Serve

So, this past weekend was the Bear Dance (Ute) and Pow Wow (Navajo) in our back yard. The pow wow sounded super cool at night. Since a lot of White Mesa residents were at the events we were up in Blanding on Friday and Saturday at a Renaissance Fair. We did a genealogy booth on how people are related to royalty. Not a lot of people stopped by us, but we mainly helped the other vendors with whatever they needed. It was super cool while it lasted, but both days it was abruptly stopped due to thunderstorms and high winds. On Friday it was more of hail and winds and took out a lot of peoples’ canopies. A lot of vendors left Friday night with little to no profit and some damaged material. We were a huge help to everyone because the only thing we had to protect was that genealogy book. It was awesome and all of the members’ in Blanding are super nice to missionaries. On Saturday, the same thing happened with less wind, but we were all ready for it this time and nothing was damaged.
This past Monday we went up to Monticello and played basketball and then went to a members’ house and played games as a zone. It was really fun.
I’m doing great and I’m so glad I’m serving in Whiter Mesa. The White Mesa Branch sacrament meetings are incredible every single week. It’s an awesome community. The people are super spiritual and always willing to listen to us. We got to do service for an hour on Thursday by picking up bamboo sticks.
Thank you for all of the mail! Love you all.
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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