September 21, 2015- Mission Stories

Allrighty, this week was super awesome! This past Monday we spent the day in Monticello with the Elders up there. On Monday, we went on exchanges and I was with Elder Gonzalez in White Mesa. We went down to the Navajo Reservation and saw a lot more people than we normally do – mainly because there wasn’t school that day. Also, my English is getting worse every week (especially spelling). I find it funny, but it still might get worse who knows how bad it’ll get. We’ll have to see since Maggie is trying to proofread this. Elder Gonzalez and I met a lady who graduated from BYU twice that is the Methodist preacher’s wife. She let us talk to her and gave us apples. Later we talked to another native who told us scary stories of Rez life. That was interesting to say the least, and a really illuminating experience nonetheless.
This past weekend was the Bluff fair so everyone (at least mostly everyone) on the Mesa went down for that. The Bluff area is mind-boggling beautiful and a lot of tourists visit the fort and the surrounding area. Anyways, we went to a pow-wow Friday which was really cool. The dancers are amazing and the costumes are awesome. On Saturday, there was a huge parade with around 40 floats. Bro. Mustash was racing his Mud Bog this weekend and had a float for it. So, Elder Hudson and I ended up riding on the back of the truck that was towing the bog for the parade, It was super fun and the funniest thing was that all the families we visit on the Mesa, we saw while going through the parade! We spent most of the day at the fair and met a lot of really cool natives. We got to see a legit rodeo. It was so sweet! I’m going to more rodeos in my lifetime. The steer wrestling was the coolest. Also, I’m never getting on a bucking horse – those things are wild.
According to Elder Woodbury, Legend has it that it can go from 0-100 in less than 3 seconds.
According to Elder Woodbury, Legend has it that it can go from 0-100 in less than 3 seconds.
Additionally, a new transfer is starting and so both Elder Hudson and I will be in White Mesa for another 6 weeks (which is really good). I’m glad about that. Thanks for all of the letters and mail. I read everything, but I’m not the best at responding. Also, I’m memorizing more and more scriptures each week and am really enjoying doing so. I finished the articles of faith this past week and here’s number 2: ” We believe that men will be punished for their own sins,and not for Adam’s transgression.”
Love you all, have a great week!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

Jeffrey with his trainer and companion.
Jeffrey with his trainer and companion.

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2 thoughts on “September 21, 2015- Mission Stories

  1. Jeffrey makes everything sound fun! I love that he is enjoying this unique environment!
    I am excited to “pick him up” when the time comes…in 2 years…


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