September 28th, 2015- Learning Lessons

So, this week went really well. The temple was really cool. Somehow everything is able to fit inside the Monticello temple.

This past Monday we came up to Monticello and played some pool at a members’ house and went fishing in a man-made lake next to Blue Mountain. This was the last day for Elder Sandberg in Monticello so we stopped and had lunch at a family’s home. It was an awesome experience.
Elder Hudson is trying to run every morning and so we have started doing our early morning workouts outside. Well, it only took us two mornings to lock our selves out of the RV. We had to play robber, and luckily I’m just small enough to be able to fit through one of our back windows. We now keep a spare key outside. Lessons learned right there.
Our district is now 4 sets of Elders and we meet in Bluff. It’ll be interesting to see how our District operates without any sisters.
It was a full week, and we spent a lot of time driving around on the reservation just trying to see if people were home. We saw a few people out there, but not that much. Thanks for all of the letters and mail! I read ’em all but am not the best at responding.
I started listening to BYU devotionals every morning which I find to help me a bunch. I kind of took the devotionals for granted this last year but they are all inspiring. My favorite from this past week is President Worthen’s (Go Kevin!) “Successfully Failing”. Anyways, I’m starting to memorize more and more scriptures each week and that’s really useful. Here’s Article of Faith number 3: “We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.” That is most certainly true!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury
I love you all!

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