December 7th, 2015- Christmas Festival

It was a super fast week. This past Monday we stayed in Blanding and played some basketball. It was pretty fun. The biggest thing that happened this week was the Blanding Tree for All. It’s a Christmas festival where the entire town of Blanding participates (it seemed like). The person in charge let us have a booth where we could hand out pass-along cards and copies of the Book of Mormon. It was really awesome. We got to meet a lot of members in Blanding and get to talk to a lot of people.

So Elder Rigby and I watched this really cool church video this past week called “How Rare a Possession.” It shares the story of Parley P. Pratt’s experience of selling all he had to go on a mission for the church and how the Book of Mormon changed his life. But the best part was the story of Vincenzo Di Francesca. Basically, Vincenzo is a pastor and teacher of religion and finds a tattered copy of the Book of Mormon in a street. But, the book is so worn out that he doesn’t know the name to the book. So, he reads and prays about this “unknown” book and starts teaching its doctrine. He goes throughout his life trying to find how the Book came about and then hoping one day to be baptized. It’s a really cool story about how we sometimes take having the Book of Mormon and its teachings for granted.

Anyways, I hope all is well. Thanks for all the packages and everything, Here’s the 12th Article of Faith: “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.” Simply put we believe in obeying the law of the land.

Also, I heard that Bronco Mendenhall won’t be BYU’s coach next year and that BYU is playing Utah in the Vegas Bowl. That’s cool!

Love you all, Have a great week!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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