A White Mesa Christmas

Another week in the books. It snowed almost all of last week and got really cold a few of the days. I’m staying warm though. Last Monday, we stayed in Blanding and did the usual of playing basketball and volleyball.


It was an awesome week. On Wednesday I got to have an early Christmas dinner with my cousins. It was super fun! The kids spent a large portion of the night sledding down this really icy hill. Needless to say, I was jealous. It was a really fun night and the White Mesa Branch Presidency is awesome! We stayed the night in Blanding and on Thursday we got together as a Zone and had a Zone Meeting/Training. We tried to see people on the Mesa in the afternoon, but everyone was gone. Apparently Christmas shopping is best done on the 24th. I’m not so sure on that, but that was the case last week. Everyone went to town.IMG_9674.JPG
Later that night, we got to have Christmas Eve dinner with the Jensen/Nielsen family. Afterwards the family did a little FHE on the importance of Christmas and played some Christmas Minute to win it games. We got to participate in a few and it was really fun. Then, we found out that there was a Christmas party at the Stake Center that the Blanding Elders wanted us to come to so we went. We got there and people were just playing basketball. Basically, I got to play a lot of knockout with people other than missionaries. It was awesome! I was so close to dunking it kind of hurts.
On Christmas day, we opened presents at the Blanding Elders house and went to breakfast at a members’ house. Members are super nice to missionaries. It was a packed day. I got to talk to you all and then played some more basketball with the other Elders.
On Saturday, we went and saw Riley and Bryden and read with them Moroni 10:1-5. It’s always hard judging if the people we teach retain what they learn so we asked Riley about Joseph Smith and his question. Riley then gave a perfect summary of the Restoration of the Gospel and how Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon was involved. Both Elder Rigby and I were pretty shocked and told him “Wow, Riley, we couldn’t have said that any better.” So I hope both Riley and Bryden can get a grater desire to read and pray. They’re great kids.
It’s going really well here. Our RV is having issues with the water and heat systems so we’re going to be staying with the Blanding Elders for the meantime. Thanks for all the letters and gifts. I love them and I’m grateful for each of you.
Here’s the 2nd point of the true church: “The true Church must bear the name of Christ.” I love this one because Jesus Christ literally is the center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-day Saints. Anyways, the references are 3 Nephi 27:3-8 and the scripture from last week (Ephesians 5:23).
Hope you all have a safe warm week in your 70+ degree weather. Gotta love Global Warming!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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