January 4th, 2016- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

So, this past week our RV pipes on the inside froze and the sewage line tore, but it got fixed by Wednesday so we’re back there for now. It took a few days to get the smell out, but we got a few candles and it went away. We also got a really good new heater!

It was a fairly slow week. A lot of people weren’t home and we weren’t ab;e to proselyte Thursday evening which kind of hurt. People on the mesa don’t get home from work until 5:00 which is when we do a lot of work.


Monday we stayed in Blanding and played some basketball with some high schoolers. It was really fun and some of those kids were pretty good for their age. On Wednesday we got to go to Cortez for our Christmas Devotional which was supposed to be before Christmas but was postponed due to bad weather. President Adams was there and we watched the bible video nativity together as the Durango and Utah Zones.


Another good week on the Mesa, that’s for sure. Every week I learn something new and almost always meet anew person out of the 167 on the Mesa. Yesterday for Priesthood meeting at church we went over Boyd K. Packers article in the December Ensign on his witness of the Savior Jesus Christ. It’s so cool that even though our branch presidency makes up 50% of the active members in the branch and are all over the age of 60, they still learn new things when going to church. I love President Packer’s testimony: “I declare to you that I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that He lives. He was born in the meridian of time. He taught His gospel, was tried, was crucified. He rose on the third day. He was the first fruits of the resurrection. He has a body of flesh and bone. Of this I bear testimony. Of Him I am a witness.” I love this. And when I read Packer’s words the first time through by myself I truly felt the witness from the Holy Ghost that President Packer was called by God to do exactly what he did-witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ. It’s so cool to have apostles on the Earth and have the chance to learn from their wisdom.


I love what I’m doing here and I’m doing really well. Life’s great. Granted, I do miss you all, but it’s good to realize how much you impact my life by seeing the difference of not having direct communication with you. You’re all awesome!


Here’s the 3rd point of the true church: “The True Church must have a foundation of Apostles and Prophets.” With the reference of a New Testament scripture mastery Ephesians 4:11-14 as well as the Book of Mormon reference of 3 Nephi 12:1.


Love you all and I hope you have a good beginning of 2016. Thanks!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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