January 11th, 2016-Bowling, Basketball and Book of Mormon Stories

Hey everyone! It was a solid week on the mesa, as usual. On Monday, I got to go bowling! It was so much fun. I thought that bowling in suit pants would be a little inhibiting, but turns out it didn’t really make much of a difference.
We also went to see the local pueblo just west of Blanding. That was something different on p-day. The rest pf Monday, we played some basketball. I actually cut my middle finger from shooting so much. I tried to not play after Monday last week, but we played on Tuesday at the White Mesa Community Center. We were gonna play with a less-active guy, but he didn’t come. There were a few kids waiting on a few other guys to play a game and asked us if we wanted to. Well, we couldn’t turn them down, so I got my first Rez Ball experience. It was so much fun! Before we started, I asked one of the kids if they mop the floor before they play (the floor is super slippery). He said “nah, you just get used to it. I’ve seen worse.” I’m like “Allrighty”. Thankfully nobody tore anything and we got to meet a few more people who live on the Mesa.

It pretty much snowed all week. On Thursday, we went out to the reservation to try a family, thinking that they’d be home because they’d be blocked in by the snow (water kills rez roads). We went down the road and it instantly turned into a mud bog track. We were pretty deep in the mud.

Motorized vehicles are awesome. I’ve gained so much respect for professional drivers. I had to multi-task with making sure I could see through the windshield and keeping the truck moving. It was a good experience. We got half-way there before Elder Rigby and I said “Not worth it” and turned around. We’re washing our truck today.


Here’s a really cool insight from the scriptures this week. One of the Blanding elders has a Book of Mormon study companion book that explains the Book of Mormon really clearly and adds some thoughts on how it applies to people today. So, this is from the story of Nephi and his brothers obtaining the brass plates from Laban in the first chapters of the Book of Mormon. First off, Lehi’s family left Jerusalem because Lehi prophesied that Jerusalem would be destroyed because of its wickedness. Nephi followed his father, and Laman and Lemuel complained as they usually do. Laban went first to get the plates and failed. Then all the brothers tried and failed. Their faith was lacking, but Nephi knew that if the Lord told them to do something, then they’d be able to do it (1 Nephi 3:7). Later on, the Brothers try again and Nephi goes into the city to get the plates from Laban and finds Laban literally at his feet.

Often-times we are tried and we fail. But, because the Lord loves us and wants us to be the best people we can be, he lets us take the test again, knowing that if we trust in him he will let us accomplish it. Book of Mormon stories are awesome!

Sweet, so here’s the 4th point of the true church: “The true Church must have the same organization as Christ’s church.” The references are  A lot of these points run together, but they’re essential in understanding what the true church must say and do. And I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints abides by each and every one of these principles.

Life’s good out here and I hope you are all good as well (sure sounds like it from what I hear). Thanks for all the letters and support! Have a great week! Love You!

Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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