February 16th, 2016-Gone Fishin’

So, I couldn’t email on President’s day due to the library being closed, but I got to email today which is cool. Last week went really well. Elder Henderson and I are really excelling and trying to both learn the area. Let’s see…Probably the coolest thing that happened this past week was we met a guy who is super interested in talking and learning. His wife is super involved in the church and he wants a change in his life. The best part of it is that he’s blind. He’s a great guy. We had dinner with him and his wife and he’s really sweet. He described how he’s been to a lot of churches in his life but his Mormon friends were always telling him about all the cool stuff they were doing. He’s like: “Man, I wish my church did that!” Anyways, life got to him and he’s been through and lot and became blind a few years ago but is super spiritual.
Life’s pretty good here. We went fishing yesterday and I got one small one – it was pretty lazy fishing (just throw the hook in and wait type of fishing). Nevertheless it was awesome and the rock sculptures in the area are spectacular.
Cool, well here’s the 9th point of the true church: “The true church must practice divine healing.” This is a cool scripture of Jesus and his apostles, Mark 3:14-15: “And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him,and that he might send them forth to preach, And to have power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils.” This definitely is true. The priesthood power of God is used to heal those who need it. It’s awesome and I’m glad that it’s real and present today.
Love you all, thanks for all the letters and support!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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