March 7th, 2016- Transferred Again

I’m getting shipped out of Bloomfield and going back to the reservation. I’m going to Tohatchi, NM. It will be a change. We were at a members house for transfer news this Saturday and when I found out I was leaving after six weeks, I said “Man, 6 weeks, I hope my marriage lasts longer than that.” One of the members laughed and I’m like “what?”. Apparently she had a marriage last 3 weeks. We laughed about it, but yeah I’m leaving and going south hopefully for more than 6 weeks.
Cool story this past week was that we got to meet with one of our investigators and we brought our bishop along. The guys’ name is Russell and he has so many questions about religion in general. He was raised baptist, as was bishop, and him and Bishop really connected. At one point Russell asked about a friend he has when he was a teenager and what happened to his friend when he died young. Up to this point, Russell was taught that his friend went to hell because he wasn’t baptized. We then explained to him about work for the dead and salvation for the dead in temples. He loved hearing about it and he’s well on his way to taking the name of Christ upon him and being baptized. I’m gonna miss him and his family. Bishop also made a super cool comment that the Plan of Salvation and the doctrines taught in the Book of Mormon are not a religion, but a solution for salvation.
Y’all are awesome and here’s the 12th point to the true church. “The true church must have officers that are called by God.” That’s a cool one because as a missionary I’m a church officer and every Thursday in District meeting we state a little blurb thing that reminds us that “We are called of God”. In John 15, Jesus is talking to his disciples and says in verse 16: “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.” All the apostles today are called by God to do his work and to build his kingdom. Having a living Prophet is such a privilege and a blessing to feel of God’s love whenever the prophet speaks.
Thanks for all the support and such. I’ll let you know how the change of areas goes.  Enjoy the madness of March!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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