April 18th, 2016- Research Has Proven

We played more Rugby in Gallup this past week. It’s been pretty cold and rainy. Overall, it was a normal week.

I’m finishing up the Book of Mormon and the book of Ether makes me laugh at all the pride of the rulers and their wickedness. They didn’t really care about people dying or anything at all, just revenge. I love how on one of the best chapters in the Book of Mormon (Ether 12) is smack dab in the middle of great wars amongst the people. They just didn’t get it! P1010883.JPG

Also, something really cool this past week is that one of our members (his name is Br. Nez) came out with us to teach some lessons this past week. He’s a really cool guy and a great man! He was raised in Native traditions and just recently became a member of the church and started to live the gospel. We were at an older lady’s house (she’s traditional) and he explained to her why the Book of Mormon matters and why living prophets can affect her. It was a huge spiritual boost. We’ve really picked up the member-missionary work recently which is awesome! I love the men (and women) of our small, little branch. Bro. Nez made it so clear how Christ is the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and why we are here on Earth. Also, the priesthood is such a beautiful thing to have on the Earth in these troubled times. You don’t have to pay to receive priesthood blessings. No leader in the church is payed.
I really love it here in Tohatchi. I don’t yet know what to do after the 17 points of the true church so I’ll add a research is proven (why not?). Research has proven that it only takes more than one black widow to scare 2 19 year old boys out of their pants. – Elder Bowie and I were moving rocks for this one lady and huge black widows were everywhere. We then became exterminators for the next 30 minutes.
P1010879 (1).JPG
I’m doing great and hope you all are as well. Love you! Also, there’s a family (the Clark’s) getting baptized this Saturday which is way cool. They’re also planning on going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead the week after. They’re super awesome!
Have a good week!
Elder Jeffrey Woodbury

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