May 9, 2016-Families are Forever

Just FYI to readers…This is Cindy updating Jeffrey’s blog now. I’m new at this so be patient:)

As always, the past week was good.

 This is something cool. So, there’s a guy named Justin in our branch and he has a girlfriend named Rachel. Justin was raised in the church but Rachel wasn’t. They first came to church together 5 weeks ago and they loved it. 2 weeks ago they came to the building in Tohatchi and we started teaching both of them. They’ve already read part of the Book of Mormon and believe it’s true. They have lots of questions and are super into learning. We started talking about eternal families and they were both like “we want that!” This past week she accepted to be baptized! They’re a real pleasure to teach.
Not the best picture. This is the Nez family. They are active in the church, but are moving to Tucson at the end of the month. Br. Nez helps us out a lot. Sis. Nez is a marathon runner. Bailey, the little girl was pouting about something before this picture (hence, the sad face).

JoJo took us to one of his Filipino friends shin-digs and almost all of them have lived in Maryland at some point in their life. They had Blue crabs!!! I’m not that much of a crab fan, but the picture looks good.

Check out this Rez gym! We didn’t get to meet the guy who owns it, but he must be cool!
A West Virginia license plate. You don’t see that often here.

Anyways, all is well here (even though I don’t write much, a lot is going on). We got to help build a fence and do farm work this past week.

Love you all! Be safe!

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