It’s for Everyone!


Jeffrey attended a funeral and drove WAY out to a cemetery this week. These are the pictures from that drive.


This past week was pretty good. One of our investigators has been being taught for over 3 years. We’ve been praying that he’d receive an answer to his prayer about baptism. Well, prayers are answered my friends! He was studying the scriptures one night and asked Heavenly Father through prayer if he could get baptized again (he was baptized years ago in another church). He received his answer and is preparing to enter the waters of baptism. We brought JoJo along with us to the lesson and JoJo shared how there is no emptiness in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s for everyone! He also shared that having firm faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will help you face anything in your life (Helaman 5:12) and how that firm faith becomes from living His teachings.

JoJo taught us how to make chicken curry. It was interesting.
I’m currently in Alma in my Book of Mormon reading and its so incredible to me that just a few missionaries were responsible for many others receiving the gospel and being converted unto the Lord. Because of Ammon and Aaron (2 of the Nephite missionaries) alone, two great Lamanite leaders were humbled and received the gospel with open arms. Imagine if they never served missions or if their father, Mosiah, never let them – Then we’d be missing a great part of the Book of Mormon. Or even if Alma, the elder, never listened to Abinadi’s preaching. I absolutely love how everything “works out” in the Book of Mormon!
Love you all and hope you’re doing well. Have a great week!

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