It’s been amazing


A Beautiful Tohatchi Sunset

I’m with Elder Anderson! It’s been going amazing.

Victor is really loving church and the things he’s reading.

Branch conference was yesterday. Nothing big happened. The stake president shared his thoughts on how living the gospel everyday can strengthen not only your spiritual strength, but your love for the Savior and the Atonement. I love when Alma tells the Zoramite people to “experiment upon his words” because if the words lead you do to something good, then the words must be good themselves. You don’t need to be Chemicles  or a physicist to figure this stuff out. (note from Cindy..this is a reference to a Bil Lepp story that we love. We say it all the time.)
Yeah, everything is going really well here. Everyone is related. I found more relatives to Virginia (the lady in Maine).
It occurred to me that OMC is next week. How the time flies by!
Love you all!
This is Elder Anderson and Henry. Henry is a dog of an older lady (she’s 85 years old). She’s really nice to us and Henry is the most well behaved rez dog I’ve ever seen. We play fetch with him every time we see the lady. He decided to hop in the truck this time around.


Elder Anderson is my new companion from Taylorsville Utah. He’s going to BYU after his mission! He’s been out 6 weeks longer than me.


Sending off Elder Butterfield last week


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