It’s been awhile…catching up

(From Cindy) Elder Woodbury is still in Tohatchi, NM and Elder Anderson is his companion. He is doing well and loving his mission. He has had some adventures and some good things happening. I’ll include some stories and pictures here.

First of all…the Sunsets are amazing according to Jeffrey’s pictures.


From August 1:

Story time: We were driving to an appointment at 6:00 yesterday and this lady lives about 15 minutes down this dirt road. We decided to get there a little early. So, we would have gotten to her house at 5:50, but we got a flat tire while going up a hill. I pulled over to the side of the road and we went into “tire changing mode”. We both have changed plenty of tires on our mission, so we start jacking up the truck and notice that we couldn’t get the jack high enough. So we pulled forward a little more to a place where we thought we could get the back right side higher. Well, turns out that the ground was so uneven that we couldn’t get the jack to stay put and we still couldn’t get the truck high enough. We were like “ugh, gonna have to come up with a better plan.” So we had two options: drive forward move to flatter, but possibly uneven ground. OR to back up, go up a hill, and get back to the main road (which had firm ground.). We went with option two. So I stuck the truck in 4WD and reversed back up to the main road which was on a decline. We stuck the jack back under the truck and were able to take the spare off. However, the new tire wouldn’t fit on ’cause we still couldn’t get the truck high enough. So, we thought we could just stick the flat back on and drive a little further. Turns out we couldn’t do that because we couldn’t force the flat enough down to fit on the bolts. We’re like… “uhho”. We called people we knew nearby that could help and nobody answered their phone. We thought it would be a great opportunity for somebody else to serve us. All we needed was another jack to get the truck higher. All along this process only one  car passed by in the span of 2 hours. And that was when we first started working on the tire. So, we called our branch mission leaders wife and she said that our mission leader was up in the mountains. So, we couldn’t contact anyone nearby.

Well, what we ended up doing was getting a large rock (the one Elder Anderson is sitting on) and sticking that under the spring in front of the tire turning apparatus ( I need to learn more about cars). We lowered the jack so the  tire turning apparatus wouldn’t hit the ground. We then put the jack in a better spot and were able to lift the tire turning apparatus high enough. All in all the most physically exerting two hours of my mission. We’re still sore today.
From July 25th:

Here’s Elder Anderson and I. Victor’s baptism went amazing. JoJo gave a talk on baptism and did a really good job. Elder Anderson was able to baptize Victor and I had the privilege of confirming him a member of the church and giving him the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was incredible!



Also, my birthday went well! On Friday we had a lesson with Victor at JoJo’s and he made this salmon stuff that tasted really good.

So, funny story (well not that funny). The font is in the relief society room in the ground. There’s a latch to pull up the lid. We opened it up on Friday and discovered about 20 spiders and really nasty yellow water. So, we sanitized and cleaned it out. Saturday morning we wake up turn on the water and go running. We come back 45 minutes later and the water is this nasty greenish yellowish color. We were like “yuk!”. So we start draining the water thinking the font’s dirtiness causes its bad color. Well, turns out it was just the water that was nasty (we don’t drink it). Moral of the story (again, if there is a moral of the story) is that some water is cleaner than other water, and at the end of the day nobody got hurt.

From September 12:

Keanu’s baptism went amazing. A lot of his family came and it was really cool.

I was able to baptize Keanu, and Elder Anderson did the confirmation.
More about JoJo:
(from Cindy) JoJo has been a gift to Jeffrey and his companion. He helps them teach people and has opened his home and food to them. JoJo is actually moving to Maryland!

Jojo is officially out of Tohatchi. He made his final visit and said good bye to us.He’s still working at Albert Einstein High School. He will be in the Rockville ward in Maryland.

We usually teach Victor Friday evenings at Jojo’s. We had our final lesson with Jojo and Victor and talked about Patriarchal Blessings. It’s amazing to see how much Victor has changed in the past six months (even the past 8 weeks since his baptism!). He’s now home teaching companions with Br. Nez (the one from Mex Springs).

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