Transferred to Grants NM

(Cindy Writing) I’m very bad about updating Jeffrey’s blog. Here’s an update on the last 3 months. Jeffrey doesn’t send long emails. He typically captions photos. I’ll add a few of his short stories and some pictures.

(Jeffrey writing) I figure the backdrop of this picture represents New Mexico well.p1020541

Elder Woodbury got transferred from Tohatchi the middle of October after spending around 7 months there. He is now in Grants NM. Grants is about half way between Albuquerque and Gallup right off Route 40. He’s in a “real” apartment now.


My new address is 212 Lincoln Ave. apt 8 Grants, NM 87020.

Here’s our apartment with Elder Wiggins walking out the front door.
Oh, and I’m still driving. I kind of enjoy driving, but not really. Elder Wiggins should be able to drive in the next few weeks (I hope). I think there’s only a few missions in the world where you have the possibility of touching a steering wheel every single day of your mission – I’m in one of them.
Elder Wiggins (first companion in Grants)

So, we teach a less-active lady who wants to return to full activity and go to the temple (people are more motivated to do things around here). Anyways, we teach her with a couple in the ward. Well, this past lesson, the couple brought their six year old to “help us teach”. It was really cute! His name is Cayson and we’d be talking and he’d raise his hand and say “Church is really fun… We sing, talk, and draw in Primary… I love Jesus… and he loves me.” It was adorable.

We had the Primary program in Novembe and there were about 40 kids in it. Ya gotta love those kids!

This morning for workouts we played racquetball with our bishop and ward mission leader. They’re both really cool. It feels weird writing bishop and ward.

Something funny for the day:there were more people in our ward council yesterday than people who came to church in Tohatchi (on some weeks) and almost every week in White Mesa. It’s a different mission out here.

As for missionary work right now. We got two people on date to get baptized in November. They both should make it. And the people out here really respect missionaries.

We’re teaching this one lady, named Margaret, and like a lot of people in Bloomfield – there’s a lot of smokers down here. Anyways, Margaret says she doesn’t want to be baptized until she is completely clean from smoking (rightfully so). Anyways, she had a scare this past week in the hospital and came back saying “I’ll never pick up another cigarette.” Well, she’s now working towards baptism in December. “)


Mt. Taylor is in the background from Grants. It is 11,305 feet! He went on a P-Day with a member to explore.

p1020613-1The destination for the trip up the Mountain is the tan spot in the top right corner.

JoJo (Jeffrey’s great missionary helper in Tohatchi) wanted Elder Woodbury to have his coat when he left New Mexico and moved. Jeffrey is modeling it here at 10,000 + feet.
Mt. Taylor Selfie

Awesome Scenery Pictures from Mt. Taylor!


Jay went hunting last week and brought back deer meat for us. He helped us cook some. It was ok – I’m not that much of a meat lover.

The ward had a Halloween social thing (shin-dig). We were the judges of the chili cook-off. Surprisingly, nobody made their chili extremely hot and spicy.

My navajo is coming along well. Jay teaches us. Right now I got my numbers 1-29 down as well as a bunch of animals.

This is Les. For the past 7 months the missionaries have been reading through the Book of Mormon with him. We started with Elder Bowie at the end of 1 Nephi. When we got to the end of 2 Nephi he got really excited about reading and took off. He just recently finished Mosiah on his own. He’s really funny. He doesn’t really do anything, but loves coming out to teach with us. His favorite question to ask is “How far are you in the Book of Mormon?” His aunt lives next door and hasn’t read a lick of it. He feels that he needs to beat her reading.


Hi everyone. Happy November. It’s turkey season! When we went shopping this past week there were already frozen turkeys in Wal-Mart.

Things are going pretty good right now. We’re really working on finding people that care. Like, most people care about their own salvation, but very few of them are willing to do anything about it.

This past week we were supposed to teach one of our investigators at this playground. Sadly, she never showed up, but we had Jayy with us so we got to throw a frisbee around and play on it.


Some members asked us to go check out a place in our area called San Mateo. It’s about 20 miles north of grants. Well, there’s not much out there, but it’s interesting because there’s no active members that come from there but still more people than in White Mesa. Elder Wiggins asked Pres. Adams about putting missionaries in San Mateo. He said no.

It rained this past week and there was snow on the top of Mt. Taylor. I didn’t get a good picture of it.

I finally replaced my insoles in the pair of shoes I wear the most. They got pretty hole-y and worn out. p1020538

Right now, we’re talking to a lot of new people trying to find people that care (it’s going okay). Our ward mission leader tore his ACL playing pick-up basketball so racquetball right now is on the waiting list.

– One thing I’ve learned in Grants: It’s really really nice to be in a functional ward. We stay super busy and have a lot of member’s willing to help us out.

So we had dinner this past week way out in the boonies (not sure if that is spelled right). The lady first asked us if we drove a truck, because if we didn’t we couldn’t get through this. We ended up getting through on the right side, but that’s quite the puddle!p1020706-1

That’s it for now. His release date is August 2nd.


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