All is well in Grants

(Cindy writing) As usual, it has been awhile since an update. A really cool thing happened right before Christmas. Jeffrey got to see my parents on their way to Utah for Maggie’s wedding in December. Here are few pictures of him with his Granny and Pappy while serving in Grants, NM. My parents enjoyed this so much. They ran into a member while eating lunch with Jeffrey and his companion that had lots of good things to say about Jeffrey. That was so fun for my parents and for us to hear.

I’m just going to put some recent stories Elder Woodbury has sent us here. He’s a man of few words..

So there’s a man in our ward named Br. Matthews. Some people refer to him as Bishop Matthews because he was bishop about 5 years ago. He’s a very very large man and really funny. He’s been having us try out hot sauces whenever we have dinner with him and his family.

This sauce is called “Da Bomb: ground zero”. It’s apparently 240,000 Scoville units (on the hot scale). One drop is good enough to make your tongue burn. He also had us try his favorite “Dave’s 357” sauce which is 500,000 units. It’s what he claims to be his limit. He let us try both of them – their ridiculously unnecessary hot. He also has a sauce called “Da Bomb: Final Answer” which is 1.2 million on the scale. The bottle says to add one drop to every pot. He once accidentally added a drop to just his bowl and was chugging milk after that.  He says that we’ve been “educated” enough to keep ourselves safe in the hot sauce world.
We also had to drive all the way to Chinle, AZ. It’s about a 4 hour drive from Grants when you have to drive the speed limit. We had a mission devotional.

This is the Lukachukai mountain range in Arizona andWheatfields lake on the AZ/NM border.

p1020727Most of the old Navajo people got baptized in this lake.

A cold truck (The missionaries on the Rez and in the area all drive trucks), a church in the area and Elder Woodbury with his Christmas stuff.
(Little Story) We have this really cool investigator named Dustin – he’s the fire marshall in town and a super good guy. He’s not a member but his wife is. She grew up in Elder Hirschi’s first area, Sanders. So, they’ve connected really well. When I first started teaching Dustin with Elder Wiggins in October he was pretty opposed to acting on anything we taught. We took Bishop over to a lesson with Elder Hirschi and Bishop invited him to be baptized. He said yes! And then this past week we went over the Atonement and the Sacrament and he wants to come to church. He hasn’t stepped foot in a church for many years because a preacher got on his case for something silly. Pretty cool stuff! 🙂

(A little about his area) I always found it weird and funny on the reservation when you can randomly knock on a hogan in the middle of nowhere and the old shima’ says she “used to be Mormon”.

A member of the high council came and spoke at church. I heard him speak once before in Tohatchi. He talked about finding joy in life and how Heavenly Father delights in us even finding joy in temporal things (as long as it doesn’t go against Christ and his teachings). He shared how joyous he was when he and his friend had a home run derby together and he hit four consecutive home runs. I was pretty funny, but very true. There’s a lot of joy to be had while we’re on the Earth.

(Funny story of the week)  We got a call this morning that there was a guy sleeping in a blanket on the side of the road and this lady wanted us to give him hot chocolate from her. So, we drove past the guy to get to the lady’s house and sure enough, he was outside and “kicked out of his house” (how the lady described it). We got the hot chocolate and went to walk over to give it to him. He looks at us and he’s a young kid (no older than 20). He didn’t take the hot chocolate and said he wasn’t religious but if we kept walking we’d find someone that wanted to talk to us. We walked back to the car and I drank the hot chocolate. But, Elder Hirschi and I were thinking of how many times our parents threatened to “kick us out of the house”. We were pretty sure his parents actually did that. On another note, we should have a baptism in a few weeks which will be good.



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