Back to Utah!

Elder Woodbury got transferred back to Utah. He’s in Montezuma Creek. It is a Navajo Reservation with around 500 people. It is only about 25 miles from White Mesa (His first area) and he gets to drive by his old trailer on his way to write emails in Blanding each week. This post is fairly long. I (Cindy) am trying to catch up.

Here are some pictures of the drive back to Utah and the old trailer in White Mesa (He lived here 6 months)


His new address is

Elder Woodbury

PO Box 753

Montezuma Creek, UT 84534

Here’s Alexis (her baptism was a few weeks ago). She let Elder Hirschi and I sign her board in the back and play darts with her.

Story from the field: Elder Hirschi and I had to be in Farmington on Tuesday at noon to pick up our new companions. We had a few route options getting there. One was up through Tohatchi, the other was up through Crownpoint. I’ve seen both routes and didn’t really want to see them again. So, we decided on going through Pueblo Pintado which neither of us had been to. There’s no missionaries or branch there. It was a beautiful drive getting there, and we were over an hour ahead of schedule. Well, that changed. The road we wanted to take from Pueblo Pintado to Counselor (Escrito’s area) was 22 miles long (so we thought). I also thought it was paved (it wasn’t). SOOO, everything was great until we saw a sign that read, “pavement ends 1500 ft”. We’re like “sure, signs can be wrong.” Then we saw a sign “pavement ends 500 ft.” Again, we couldn’t see any dirt or the end of the pavement so we figured we would just hit a gravel road. Well, that wasn’t the case. We found the end of the pavement and it was one muddy dirt road! Hit the mud going over 30 and mud splashed all over the truck and windshield. I asked Elder Hirschi if he wanted to turn back, he said, “No, we’ll be fine.” I figured it wouldn’t be all that bad either, but I stuck it in four wheel drive and went on the road. 25 miles later and almost 2 hours later we hit a paved road. My goodness, I’ve never appreciated paved roads that much. It did take us to Counselor and was over 20 miles, but that drive was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done. Here’s some pictures that don’t really show the whole story.

Jeffrey’s new companion is Elder Hardman. He is from Pleasant Grove and lived down the street from us before we moved in 2002. Pretty cool!


Elder Anderson just emailed me and told me that the Tohatchi branch (Jeffrey served there 7 months)  got dissolved and combined with Sheep Springs and parts of Tohlaki! And Victor, the man who we baptized in July, is the Elders Quorum President! Elder Anderson said that over 120 people attended church in Tohatchi yesterday. They call it the “Chuska branch” apparently.

Some really pretty scenery pictures.

On a Monday (Personal Day) they went to see some of God’s amazing creations. The mission president has encouraged this. It’s cool. P1030014P1030016P1030026P1030029P1030031P1030071P1030064P1020995


Sleeping Ute and then some cool looking rocks.

This past week we met a family named the Edaakie’s. They were taught previously by elders many months ago (like when I was in Utah). It’s a father and mother and then 4 daughters. One of the daughters lives in Orem and attends UVU and from what I understand she’s the only member of their family. They’re a really cool family and willing to do things. I really hope they get somewhere in the coming weeks and months.
We got a flat tire out in the boonies. We’re getting it fixed in Blanding, but it only took me and Elder Hardman 25 minutes from start to finish to put the spare on. I thought that was pretty good time.

P1030170 (1)

And I went on exchanges to White Mesa! Didn’t get to see too many people, but the branch has gotten a little bigger since I left. We got to see the Mustache’s. They’re doing amazing. Their daughter Carey’s on a mission in Canada and their oldest son had a daughter last summer.

It felt weird walking on the Mesa again. But a good weird!
Another great story..

So, I attended my first “Laugh Party” Saturday. In Navajo Culture a baby’s still partly in the spirit world until it laughs and whoever makes the baby laugh first must throw a party for all the family to celebrate the baby. Anyways, this family was from Montezuma Creek so they came up from Phoenix to have the celebration and to do the baby blessing during church. So, like most Navajo things it was supposed to start at 2:00 but didn’t get underway until 2:40. Then Shawn (the baby’s father) the head honcho of the thing asks his father in law to give the opening prayer and to bless the food.  Well, he gave us a 10 minute sermon in Navajo and then a 10 minute prayer. Shawn made the baby laugh in February in case you were wondering. Shawn was cool. There were about 60 inactive members participating in this thing. It was interesting.

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