These pictures are of our drive to Gallup this past week. The rock in the last one is referred to as Church Rock because it looks like a church. They call things what they are around here. There’s a housing called “midway” because it’s in the middle of town. There’s also a community called Standing Rock West of Crownpoint because there’s a rock that stands up.




For the fourth of July, it was Elder Richardson’s birthday and we went to a 4 year olds “My Little Pony birthday party.” It was funny. The community did fireworks for the first time in a long time and we got to watch them from our trailer.

This is Kim and Sterling John. Br. John is Navajo, Sis. John isn’t. They’re great people. The dogs are considered part of their family. Br. John was headed off to work for a month so I got my first goodbye in.

Also, today we’re headed down to Grants to play some softball. It’ll be way cool. Fun

Fun picture ….P1040162 Last Monday we were in Grants and I got to see a few people. We saw Jayy. And then Chandler and Nate (they’re funny kids). And then Ranzie (Jayy’s little sister).

P1040165 (1)

So, remember those two Sam grand kids, Keyana and Keynan? Well, they moved out to their dad’s place for a few weeks but came back. And they want to finish the lessons and be baptized in August. They’re really fun to teach. Their grandma takes care of them and is bringing them to church.

I got my travel plans in the mail today. I guess getting to BWI after 9:00 isn’t that bad. I‘m glad to have an extra purpose in my life because of the gospel.

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