Chaco & other great Stuff

We went to Chaco last week on P-Day. Chaco was really fun. I tried not to take that many pictures this time around.

The local baseball park.
Oh yeah, and I cut my hair by myself. I didn’t do that great, but it works. Elder Solomon had to fix the back a little bit.
So, Elder Solomon flies home to Meridian Idaho Wednesday and I’ll be picking up Elder Richardson (coming from Polacca, AZ) tomorrow. He’s from Brigham City Utah and was actually Elder Solomon’s last companion in Polacca 2 transfers ago.
This is with Tasheena and Delora. the baptism service went great!
We went on a hike for exercise Saturday morning just outside of Crownpoint.
So, we’re teaching a really great family. The grandma is MaryAnne and her grand kids are Kiana and Keenan. MaryAnne went on the placement program and hasn’t been to church in a long time. Her brother, who lives in the Red Cliffs ward in Thoreau asked her one day why she didn’t go to church. So, she started to come to church and brought her grand kids. She stood up in fast and testimony meeting and told everyone that her grand kids need to be baptized. They’ve been a joy to teach. They’re set to be baptized in July.


After we visited a family north of Crownpoint, we were driving in the housing area and saw a sign for nachos. Only $1.50! Elder Richardson hadn’t had lunch or breakfast so we’re like, sure, lets go for it. We knock on the door and this older lady lets us inside and says she’ll make us the nachos. They were good nachos. We met the lady’s son named Shawndal. He’s visually impaired from birth and almost completely blind right now. He only can tell the difference between light and dark. We started talking to him and he’s looking for a new church to join since his old church is too far away. We started to teach him. And he even came to church for all three hours and participated and made friends with the people. It was great to see! We’re getting him a copy of the Book of Mormon in Braille and he’s excited to read it.
This is Victoria’s Pizza. She sells pizza out of a portable trailer and a lot of people in Crownpoint get pizza from her. She’s really nice to us and loves the elders. She’s known as “The Pizza Lady”.
I’m very grateful I served a mission.

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