Crownpoint NM

(Cindy Writing) Elder Woodbury has about 2 weeks until he returns home from his mission. He has continued to serve in Crownpoint NM since the beginning of May. He’ll be home August 2nd. This post is catching up June.

(Now from Jeffrey’s notes and pictures)

I really enjoy being in Crownpoint.


This is the Reidhead’s.  We would work out at the NTU gym with them in the mornings. The two boys, Jarod and Hunter are leaving for the summer. That’s 50% of the boys who help pass the sacrament


Missionaries on the reservation joke that we become the cops, firemen, and clergy. Well, this past week we were firemen, On the way back from seeing the Perry’s (like 9:00 at night) we saw what looked like a small fire off the side of the road. We pulled over and yes it was a fire. It looked like someone failed to burn their trash properly and had just recently put it on the side of the road. So, we didn’t have any water to waste, but we did have windshield washer fluid. So, we doused the fire with the fluid and saved an entire community! Not really, but I’m sure the Fire Department appreciated it. We ended up calling the Navajo Police Department to report it. Whoever we spoke to that night was very lackadaisical. Like, you know me, but she was worse. Absolutely no urgency. It was kind of funny. And then not 5 minutes after putting out the fire, a Bambi deer ran into the side of our truck. Us and the truck were fine, but this deer just ran into our truck!


Something really cool from this week: We’ve been working with three little primary aged kids over the past few weeks. We’ve had a hard time encouraging them to attend church and, in general, care a little more. I mean, they’re kids so you can’t expect too much. So, we took over three members of the primary and sure enough those kids got excited about coming to Primary. And they came to church and enjoyed primary!

We also helped the institute members dig a trench around this garden.

Here are some random pictures for ya.
Yeah, my testimony has definitely grown on my mission. I’m very confident in teaching the gospel. One of the most useful skills I’ve acquired is talking and befriending random strangers. This past week I was on exchanges in Gallup and we went street contacting. There wasn’t one person I didn’t relate to. It was great. Also, they were all Navajos. For the most part, I’m more comfortable talking with natives than white people. I can always ask Navajos where they’re from and I’ll probably know where that place is.
And here are some pictures of our trailer.

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